Our “New Arrival” Lawn Sign is a Great and Unique Gift for Every New Mom.

Surprise a new Mom when she arrives home with her new baby to find a 6 foot tall stork or a 4 foot tall moon or sailboat on the front lawn. A new arrival lawn sign is a fun way to announce to friends, family and neighbors the arrival of the new baby.

Each sign includes a bundle, star or cloud to keep at the end of the rental period. We’ll add the baby’s name, length, weight and birth date for a wonderful memento.

Grandparents can also Announce the Newborn.
New Grandparents rent signs to announce their new Grandchild to friends and neighbors. The bundle, star or cloud might say “Proud Grandparents of (baby’s name)!” or simply “It’s a Grandson” or “It’s a Granddaughter.” If ordered at the same time as the mother, a 50% discount applies.

If twins, triplets or quads are born, the first sign is the regular price and each additional sign is discounted at 50%.

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